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Import your 360 media

- 360 Photo (mono or stereoscopic)
- 360 Video (mono or stereoscopic)
- Audio (Stereo, spatial, ambisonic)

Add interactivity

- Create multi-sequencial narratives
- Add spatio-temporal hotspots


Preview in 1 click

Preview directly in your browser and your Samsung Gear VR or Cardboard

Publish your experience

Share your experience in one-click. Update remotely anytime
Publish on any platform (Gear VR, iOS and Android)

Native GearVR App

Built with Oculus Mobile latest SDK for Samsung GearVR. White label ready.

iOS & Android Apps

Publish native apps for Cardboards.

Multiple Story Paths

Connect unlimited numbers of story nodes using automatic links or hotspots.

Spatial Hotspots

Create timed and spatial hotspots using any image or shape. Add links to any sequence.

Visual Storyboard

Visualize all your story nodes and share it easily with your team.

Multi-Track Wysiwyg

Manage multiple tracks within each sequence wysiwig.

Gaze Support

Trigger interactions and links on user’s gaze.

Advanced Interactions

Trigger audio and visual events within sequences based on user’s interactions.

Look At

Reset your user’s camera position back towards any area of interest in between sequences.

Adaptive Streaming

Stream your videos from apps

Stereoscopic Support

Import 3D 360 Videos and photos (Sibe-by-Side or Top Bottom)

Grid UI editor

Create custom User Interfaces using our custom grid editor.

Spatial Audio

Import binaural or quadriphonic audio. Spatialize mono or stereo tracks too!

:: Coming Soon ::


Track your audience attention and focus with dedicated Heatmap Analytics.

3D Objects

Import 3D objects (.FBX, .dae, .3DS, .dxf and .obj files)

Daydream Support

Google Daydream View & controller support for White Label Android App.

iOS & Android SDK

Integrate our SDKs within existing apps.

White Label Gear VR App

$2,499Price per project / App

  • Custom branded Gear VR App
  • Personalized branding
  • Unlimited project updates
  • Private distribution ready (sideloading)
  • Downloadable or Packaged Project
  • Adaptive Streaming (HLS)
  • Oculus Store Submission Support*
  • 1-year maintenance and updates
  • 24h email and Skype support

White Label Cardboard App

$2,499Price per project / App

  • Custom branded iOS + Android Apps
  • Personalized branding
  • Unlimited project updates
  • “Magic Window” support
  • Downloadable Project (Soon)
  • Adaptive Streaming (HLS)
  • Mobile Store Submission Assistance
  • 1-year maintenance and updates
  • 24h email and Skype Support

Custom Services & SDK

On Demand

  • Looking for custom features such as in-app monetization or better integration with your existing tools and workflow?
  • Interested in learning more about Wonda VR SDK to integrate your project(s) to your existing Gear VR or Cardboard App?

Please contact us for more details