A professional authoring solution for your 360° VR Experiences.

Marketing - News - Entertainment - Travel - Real Estate - E-learning

Immersive Learning

Create role playing games and field trips. Deliver better training across your enterprise or university using VR.

Virtual Visit

Add interactive hotspots on your 360° photos or videos and start building immersive virtual journeys.

Product Demo

Let your customers choose their favorite features and start their own test ride during exhibitions or any promotional event.

Fiction & Documentaries

Give viewers the possibility to shift perspective and go deeper into your narrative.




Intuitive user Interface

Easy-to-use drag and drop interface. Visual Storyboard and multi-track Timeline.

Compatible with any Media

Import 360° videos or photos, 2D images, stereo or spatial audio and any text fonts. (+)

Unlimited Story Paths

Connect unlimited numbers of 360° media using automatic links, custom buttons or hotspots. (+)

Advanced Interactions

Trigger rich visual interactions based on user’s behavior and gaze at any specific point of interest. (+)

Look at

Reset default user’s camera position towards any area of interest between cuts. (+)

Instant Preview

Preview your project instantly with your web browser or using Wonda VR Mobile Apps

Share Instantly. Your Way.

Use Wonda VR App as your own distribution platform. Or choose our White Label App Export package.


Private or Public Distribution

Share deep links to your target audience. (+)

Download Option

Allow offline access to your experience. (+)

Custom Branding

Create your own Splashcreen. (+)

Web Export (Coming Q42017)

Embed your experience within any web page
    Install the Extension from the Android App

From Start to Finish.

Work Offline with Wonda VR Studio. Sync in the cloud anytime. Share it!


One-click Upload

Synchronize your 360° experiences using Wonda VR Cloud. (+)

Adaptive Streaming

HLS Support for optimized streaming. Ready for worldwide distribution.

Staging Support

Manage multiple versions for your team, clients and final audience. (+)

Preview & sharing

Unique QR Code or URL to share on Cardboard and Gear VR compatible devices. (+)