For Agencies

Provide your clients with professional highly immersive experiences delivered in a stand-alone app.

For Businesses

Create an impactful multi-sensory experience with a higher level of immersion and engagement.

Product Demo For Trade Shows

For trade shows or any promotional event. Demonstrate product attributes, features, and functionality. Help potential customers make more informed choices for better satisfaction.

Virtual Visit for Museums

For exhibitions and special events. Enrich exhibits with additional VR experiences. Attract a larger audience and cater to younger audiences.

Real Estate

For realtors and real estate agents. Guided visits for home buyers from the comfort of your office.


Easy and powerful editor

Create & design your experience with our award-winning editor with unlimited possibilities.

Professional-grade app

With stereoscopic video and spatial audio compatibility.

No internet connection required

For the creation process and restitution in events.

One-time fee

No hidden costs, no subscription model, no recurring payments.


Our apps have been tried and tested thousands of times without crashes in any conditions.

Premium Support

Quick response to any request. Proactive advice from our experts.

How it works

1. Create your own experience with Wonda VR Studio


Intuitive user Interface

Easy-to-use drag and drop interface. Visual Storyboard and multi-track Timeline.

Compatible with any Media

Import 360° videos or photos (stereoscopic & monoscopic), 2D images, stereo or spatial audio and any text fonts. (+)

Unlimited Story Paths

Connect unlimited numbers of 360° media using automatic links, custom buttons or hotspots. (+)

Advanced Interactions

Trigger rich visual interactions based on user’s behavior and gaze at any specific point of interest. (+)

Look at

Reset default user’s camera position towards any area of interest between cuts. (+)

Instant Preview

Preview your project instantly on all platforms. (+)

2. Build your white label apps

Proven results on over 3000 immersive experiences.


Android app compatible with Gear VR & Daydream

- Android app for “Magic Window” experience
- Gear VR player included for VR experience
- Daydream player included
- Streaming + download content
- Instant Update with last version of your project

Oculus Go app

- Native Oculus Mobile app available in your private store
- Streaming + download content
- Instant Update with last version of your project

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