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Wonda VR unveils one-click publishing solution at SXSW

New York, March10 2017

Wonda VR, creator of Wonda VR Studio, the authoring solution popular with 2,500 VR professionals worldwide, introduced a brand new way for creators and brands to share interactive 360° experiences across every VR platform in one click.

Available as a public beta release, Wonda VR Studio 1.5 now allows creators to upload their VR experiences to the cloud and share them instantly with teams, clients and targeted audiences with a simple URL or QR code.

“VR creators are facing a stressful and costly App Store submission and validation process to make their VR video experiences available for every device. With this new upgrade to Wonda VR Studio, we are making VR publishing seamless from prototype sharing to the public release of any VR video experience. This is a game changer for content creators who want to explore new formats and get a direct access to their audience.” explains Arnaud Dressen, Founder of Wonda VR.

With this new release, Wonda VR continues to pave the way for a much anticipated wave of diverse, highly qualitative educational, brand and entertainment VR content offering for every audience.

About Wonda VR

Wonda VR, based in Paris and New York, specializes in VR and 360° technologies. The company was founded in 2016 by Arnaud Dressen and Guillaume Urjewicz. The team is made up of experts in web and mobile apps, 3D rendering, content production and digital marketing.

Its flagship product, Wonda VR Studio, was released in June 2016 and has quickly established itself as the #1 professional solution for content producers and brands to create interactive VR video experiences. Its references include more than 1000 production studios making Cinematic VR experiences for top international brands such as Nokia, King Fisher or Ebay.

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Wonda VR official launch

Paris, June 30th 2016

Honkytonk Films, the developer of groundbreaking interactive video technologies and editor of Klynt App, announced today the official release of Wonda VR, a new creative solution that paves the way for immersive 360 video experiences across VR platforms.

“VR Video production is still in its infancy. Everything needs to be invented and tested. Yet the post-production workflow remains heavily complicated. Production studios are facing limited developer resources and often rely on software like Unity which are not dedicated to live action VR experiences. We want to change that by providing a simple yet powerful solution for non coders.” Says Arnaud Dressen, CEO and founder of Wonda.

With Wonda VR, the company and its new subsidiary aims at giving 360 Video producers and publishers a professional tool to create virtual visits, product demonstrations but also explore new types of narrative formats targeted at today’s VR headsets.

While Wonda VR today’s release let's anyone create interactive experiences for Samsung Gear VR, iOS and Android support for Cardboard is already planned for next month.

“As of now, we are targeting agencies with a high standard for qualitative experiences to be delivered during trade shows and professional event and sales meetings. For this type of setting, Samsung Gear VR is by far the headset of choice. Wireless yet high performance. This is why we started by making sure agencies could export native VR apps for Samsung Gear VR first.” explains Guillaume Urjewicz, Product manager and co-creator of Wonda.

Wonda VR is available today with a 14-day trial and a launch price of 499€ for a yearly subscription.

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