Sustainable Business 101 For Every Manager

Sustainable Business 101 For Every Manager

Grenoble Business School immerses students in a 9-hour real-life virtual business case to learn about sustainable development best practises and question their efficacy.

A 9-hour learning immersion

ST101 immerses students in the heart of international Ski Company Rossignol's real-life business context. The course features an immersive 9-hour real-life business case deep dive and gamified 3D experience, complemented by a 6-hour face-to-face business plan workshop.

Interactive experience created with Wonda VR featuring quizzes and dialogues with avatars

The learning game narrative is divided into three acts.

The first act begins in 2016, following the Paris Climate Agreement. The student's character begins an apprenticeship at the French ski company, Rossignol, which has just launched a company-wide educational initiative on socio-environmental challenges in partnership with GEM. In this act, the character alternates between the corporate and university settings, learning about theoretical frameworks at GEM and traditional business processes while visiting multiple departments at Rossignol.

The second act begins in 2018 and ends in 2022 at Rossignol, where the student has just been employed following a successful apprenticeship period. The student's mission is to explore how to bring a recyclable ski to market based on the authentic case-study of Rossignol's recently-released 77% recyclable Essential ski. However, launching this new product over the three-year journey proves to be more complex than expected due to internal and external inertia related to supplier and distributor relationships. Therefore, before making a radical transformation, businesses must conduct economically-viable pilot tests.

In the third act, which takes place in the present day, the pilot test has been successful. The CEO of Rossignol congratulates the students for their role in facilitating this first step in a substantive environmental transition. The game ends by calling for economically-viable business propositions that go beyond incremental change and instead fundamentally shift the market. With this, the students are invited to complete their capstone assignment for the course: outlining a business model for the radical future of a new Rossignol.

Introduction to sustainability for student training in management, created in Wonda VR

A rich pedagogical experience.

Students will cross 24 immersive learning environments while solving puzzles related to CSR services, research and innovation, marketing, production, GEM faculty offices, and a library which is full of online resources. Everything beingfully integrated with Moodle, the GEM learning management system.

Preview of custom 3D rooms imported in the web platform Wonda VR

Materiality matrix, GHG protocol, carbon neutrality, ESG reporting, post-growth transformation levers, regeneration, sobriety, eco-efficiency, LCA, sustainable business models and impact measurements  will no longer hold any secrets for students! 🏆

Introduction to the course by Thibault Daudigeos, ST101 Lead Professor


students performed better in test results than previously with more traditional methods
this is ridiculous to see how far we could design such a high quality experience in less than 6 months!.Nicolas Bonnefond, Learning designer at Grenoble Business School
I am not someone who really enjoys attending classes/learning online or playing videos games, but this was a fun and enriching experience. :D I see a lot of potential in this method of learning and how it could be implemented in different sectors, and used to benefit people with different learning disabilities." A MBA student at Grenoble Business School

Main Wonda Features in Use

✓ Mix of 3D environment, Videos and 360 content
✓ Free Input Quiz, Single Choice
✓ Connector to Moodle LMS (LTI integration)
✓ Multilingual Export

Key Metrics

✓ 100% completion rate by 1,000 students
✓ Better score results
(than traditional methods)

About Grenoble Business School

- Founded in 1984 in France
- 7,000 Students
- 40% of international students

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February 2, 2024

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