Arnaud Dressen, Founder and CEO

Arnaud Dressen, Founder and CEO

A passionate entrepreneur and media innovator, Arnaud has a proven track record of empowering content creators, institutions and brands with new storytelling formats and interactive technologies.

Prior to founding Wonda VR, Arnaud has had numerous experiences in the media industry working subsequently for public media institutions (France Televisions Group, the European Cultural Channel Arte France, and ITVS in the USA), the documentary distribution start-up and a new-media press agency.

As an interactive producer, Arnaud worked on 5 major international documentary co-productions and managed a leading collaborative journalism web platform - - with the support from both public and private institutions including the Open Society Institute UK, the Ford Foundation, the HEC European School of Management and Orange, the European Leading Telecom Company).

in 2007, Arnaud founded the digital production and software studio Honkytonk Films and lead the company’s award-winning approach to interactive web documentaries with projects such as “Journey to The End of Coal” which was featured on French leading news site and MIT Docubase and featured in 15+ international festivals.

In 2011, Arnaud co-created Klynt, an interactive video editing and publishing software which became one of the top leading creator solution chosen by over by over 30,000 professionals worldwide over 5 years including some of today's leading universities (Harvard University, Berkeley and La Sorbonne) and NGOs (WWF, The Red Cross, the UN).

In 2016, he founded Wonda VR with the goal to build the first immersive learning platform dedicated to the creation, sharing and discovery of a new generation of educational and training experiences.