Wonda team with ReadyPlayerMe avatars

Introducing AI Capabilities with Wonda

We have made significant headway with generative AI with Wonda, starting with a brand new set of features to generate highly engaging and customisable AI-powered conversations.

A couple weeks after the successful launch of our first AI Pilot together with Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences, we are opening a dedicated Pilot Program to explore new possibilities using conversational AI & Wonda.

Here is the preview of the early results:

Join the AI Pilot Program

What does this Pilot Program offer?

  • priority access to Wonda Conversational AI capabilities to build you own simulation prototypes
  • a turnkey 2x60' prompt engineering workshop to engage. up to 50 participants in creative activities
  • a library of prototypes and case studies made by other universities and agencies participating to the program.

Who is it for?

  • anyone working in learning & development
  • no need for any technical skills
  • perfect if you are willing to launch a practical and inspiring activity with 10-50 people by this Summer on the topic of AI and learning

To apply, please fill out this form: